Baidu, the world's largest Chinese search engine, the biggest Chinese website. Founded in January 2000 in Beijing of Zhongguancun.
At the end of 1999, in the Silicon Valley in the United States, Li see the huge development potential of the Internet in China and Chinese search engine service, holding technology change the world of the dream, he decided to quit high paying jobs in Silicon Valley, carrying search engine patent technology, on January 1, 2000 in Zhongguancun founded the company Baidu. From the initial development of less than 10 people so far, the number of employees more than 12000 people. Now Baidu has become China, the most popular and influential Chinese website.
Baidu has thousands of R & D engineers, this is China and even the world's most for excellent technical team. The team holds the world most advanced search engine technology, so that Baidu has become China master world advanced science core technology of Chinese high-tech enterprises, but also the Chinese become the United States, Russia, and South Korea, the world's only 4 has a search engine core technology is one of the countries.
Search, search function from founded at the beginning, Baidu will "make people the most convenient access to information, to find the desired" as its own mission, since its inception, the company adhering to the "user oriented" concept, and constantly adhere to technological innovation, is committed to provide users with "simple, can rely on" Internet search products and services, including: the web search based search, to stick the community for the regional, industry vertical search, MP3 search, and portal channels, Im, comprehensive coverage of the Chinese network all over the world demand, according to the third party authority data, Baidu in the Chinese search market share of close to 80%.
In the face of the user's search products are rich at the same time, Baidu also launched the innovative search marketing services based on Internet marketing platform, and become the most favored by enterprises. At present, China has hundreds of thousands of enterprises to use the Baidu search extension services, improve the operation efficiency of the enterprise's own brand and. Through continuous innovation business model, Baidu is to further promote the entire Internet industry and small and medium-sized enterprises to the economic growth, promoting economic and social development and transition.
In order to promote the development of millions of Chinese small and medium-sized site, baidu with large flow of platform edge, joint ownership of various types of high-quality web site established in the world the biggest network alliance, have a large area to promote the enterprises of all types of search marketing, brand marketing value, the coverage. At the same time, the website also in the big family of mutual alliance, obtain the chance of survival and development of the largest.
As a well-known domestic enterprises, Baidu has been adhering to the "bridging the information gap and shared knowledge society" concept of responsibility, to fulfill the social responsibility of corporate citizenship. To set up, Baidu using their own advantages and actively join the public welfare, has invested enormous resources, to build a dedicated search products for blind people, children, the elderly, solve the special groups is difficult to access problems, make up the social problem of information gap greatly. In addition, in the process of informatization, accelerate the Chinese clean network environment, search engine and education to improve college students' employment rate, Baidu has been at the leading position in the industry. At the beginning of 2011, Baidu also set up a special Baidu foundation, focusing on knowledge education, environmental protection, disaster relief and other fields, more systematic and standardized management and practice of public welfare.
In 2005, baidu listed on NASDAQ in the United States, in one fell swoop break first gains the highest number of records, and became the first entered the NASDAQ stocks of Chinese companies. Through several years of market performance, Baidu's excellent performance and reliable returns to become the representative of China's enterprise value, Yi proudly stand in global capital markets.
In 2009, baidu is more launched new box calculation technology concept, and based on this concept launched Baidu open platform, help more outstanding third party developers to use the Internet platform independent innovation and entrepreneurship, in substantially improve Internet users use the experience at the same time, drive around the user needs the innovation of research and development of industrial boom, the upgrading and development of China's Internet industry have a tremendous pulling effect.
Today, Baidu has become the one of the most valuable brand in China, the British "Financial Times" will be Baidu is listed as "China's top ten world-class brand", become this list in the young company, is the only one Internet company. And "Asia's most respected enterprises", "the world's most innovative companies," a series of honorary titles such as the power of the Internet in China Star nor a not to the outside world shows Baidu established several years of achievements.
Over the years, Baidu chairman and CEO Robin Li, Baidu led the formation of "Simple and Reliable" core culture, deeply rooted in Baidu. This is a vibrant, realistic and honest company, to search for life changing, promote human civilization and progress, promote the development of China economic responsibility, and is moving towards a more ambitious goals.