2009-2012, an overview of the printing industry competition pattern

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In 2008 the global printing industry, the overall profits shrink in 2009 in the printing industry willface more challenges ahead. In many uncertainties under the influence of each step of printingthe owners will be more cautious investment plans are also
In 2008 the global printing industry, the overall profits shrink in 2009 in the printing industry willface more challenges ahead. In many uncertainties under the influence of each step of printingthe owners will be more cautious investment plans are also required to close to the market. Overtheyears,theglobalprintingmarkethasbeenshowingthethreepillarsofthesituation,theUnited States, Europe and Asia each accounted for approximately one-third of the total marketshare.Specifically,thetotalvalueof610billionU.S.dollarsintheprintingmarketinNorthAmerica, Europe and Asia, the proportion of 32%, 32% and 28%, rest of the world the proportionis only 8%. Still, some experts have predicted that by 2011, the entire printing market will takeplace eastward, North America and Europe, the market share will drop to 28% and 31%, Asia andother parts of the market share will rise to the 30% and 11%, while the total value of the printingmarket will break through 720 billion U.S. dollars.
In 2008, from the U.S. financial crisis the world, raw material prices, labor costs rise, the marketdecline in the purchasing power of export business setback. The face of severe macro-economicsituation, China and continuing to adopt a variety of favorable policies to help businesses copewiththecrisis.Thepoliciesimplementedin2009therewere9directlybenefittheprintingindustry. Moreover, in 2009 China's still relatively low tariffs on imports of printing equipment toimplement. This series of measures promulgated by the state for the development of the printingindustry have a positive effect.
2009, paper-making enterprises degree of rapid recovery in the economy. Paper prices rise sincethe launch in May, the three-quarter speed up. As the most recent price increases, coated paperand white cardboard prices have risen from a low of 1,000 yuan more than Shuangjiao writingpaper rose 300 yuan or more, newsprint, and corrugated board boxes is up more than 200 yuan.July part of the paper types (coated, white cardboard, and sided offset paper) good profitabilityhas reached historic levels, gross margins have been restored to pre-crisis level. Coated paper andwhite cardboard tons net profit to reach 500-600 yuan, 300-400 yuanShuangjiao writing paper,newsprint, and corrugated board boxes 100-200 yuan.
Companiesalloverthecurrentpapermachineproduction,balanceproductionandsales,inventory levels were generally a week to 20 days from the previous month and a half months ofinventory there is a significant improvement. Pulp prices are expected by year's end there will be10-15% of the gains. But the major listed companies can use low-cost pulp to 10-11 months, sothethirdquarterofenterprisesarethe"lowpulp,high-pricedpaper."Lowerdemandforpaper-makingindustry,asignificantrecovery,domesticend-demandchannelstofillinventoryturnsforthebetter,andaresupportedbyincreaseddemandforpaperandpaperpricesrisefactors.Inaddition,thecoatedpaperexportsincreased,butalsoexacerbatedtheshortageofdomestic supply kinds of paper. Major listed companies in July's level of profitability than marketexpectations, expected level of profitability in the third quarter reached a record single-seasonhigh. In the fourth quarter, pulp prices will continue to rise, but the company since the pulp and
costoflockingcanbepartiallyoffsetbyanincreaseincost.Thefourthquarteristhetraditional peak season for paper, paper prices are also expected to rise further.
Accordingto"EleventhFive-YearPlan"to"EleventhFive-Year,"theendofChina'sindustrialoutput value of the printing industry is expected to reach about 440 billion yuan, accounting for2.5%ofgrossnationalproduct;printproductionandprocessingcapacitywillentertheworld.2010, the world's total print market growth of 3% to 4%, the printing industry faces increasingcompetition and pressure. In 2010, when digital printing will now accounts for 4% of the printingmarketshareincreasedto14%,includingink-jettechnologywillaccountforhalfof2015,theglobal digital printing output will reach 124.8 billion euros; is expected in 2010 When printed theoverall growth rate between 3% -4%.
As China's economic development and with the international economy, international capital intoChina's printing industry was accelerated. By 2020, about half of the world's printed materials todigital presses for production. Variable data printing will be the main driving force for the industry.In the next decade, with ink-based printing technology to make their part of the market, givingaway digital printing technology, but digital printing technology will never replace offset printing.A series of figures show the development of China's printing industry prospects.